Too Faced La Vie En Rose

Hi!! So basically I managed to get myself to Sephora yet AGAIN, this time to the one in the local mall. I had told myself that I wasn’t going to buy ANYTHING, but… Well. You all know me well enough. I’m actually quite proud of myself, and the fact that I only bought this, and nothing else.

And oh, am I glad that I disobeyed myself.

The first thing that drew me to La Vie En Rose was, of course the GORGEOUS packaging… each of the shades has a very retro illustration of a girl, with an image in the background that is the color of the blush. On the inside, it’s black with (at least in the case of La Vie En Rose) bright pink polka dots, which are actually the color of the shade itself. I’ll take plenty of photos, because my description wasn’t exactly… eloquent… and hopefully you will get a sense of it.

note the nifty mirror! :)

So anyway, about the technicalities- ‘Too Faced says this: ‘The newest shade is La Vie En Rose, a cool pink blush with the slightest golden shimmer that brightens and accentuates cheeks!‘  And again, Too Faced has pretty much hit it on the nose with this description. Now, it costs $20, which isn’t actually too bad, for a blush from a brand like this. Although you don’t get a huge amount, you need hardly any per use, so I would imagine that it’ll last for really quite a while. It’s available at Sephora stores, the Sephora website as well as the Too Faced website, so if you do go to any of the above, I highly recommend having a look at this.

This looks a little warmer than it is, just be warned!

There are four shades- the one that I now have, La Vie En Rose, is a very bright, cool pink, with slight hints of mauve and gold. There are also Pinch My Petals, a very very sheer pale pink (it didn’t show up on me very well when I swatched it in-store) and Papa Don’t Peach, which is a true coral-peach color (I didn’t buy it because I already have a peach blush and i wasn’t sure my wallet could take my having two…). There is also Mocha Mi Amore, which I don’t see on the Sephora website or in the store- a huge one in New York and a slightly smaller one in Connecticut. I have a feeling it’s being discontinued, as usually Sephora stocks all the shades on their website. It’s described as a Mocha Brown. I haven’t actually seen it, so I can’t really vouch for that… The shades on the website seem matte, but in reality these blushes are very shimmery indeed.



So La Vie En Rose seems incredibly bright and intimidating when you first look at it, but when you put it on it’s very pretty and manages to be just the right amount of sheerness. If you don’t like shimmer, it might not be for you…  But really it’s very pretty, and brightens up your face very nicely!! I definitely recommend this, but if you don’t like shimmer it might float your boat…

The website's photo


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 22:41:59

    I personally love to read a blog where the writer properly says “you need only” instead of “you only need”… so you’ve made my day. Plus, it was fun watching you try to choose ONE THING!


  2. Pinch
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 10:38:55

    I love this packaging, it’s wonderful :) Hmmm, never tried anything from Too Faced.. hmm :)


    • aquamarine565
      Aug 01, 2010 @ 11:35:14

      i love too faced- i dont have much from there, but what i do have i love. and i love the retro packaging too!!!


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