Too Faced Glamour Gloss

Okay, I admit it. I surrender. I’m a complete lip gloss addict.

Too Faced’s Glamour Gloss is the perfect antidote to my addiction- it’s so good that it has, for the time being, prevented me from buying ANY other glosses with in a week or two (which, for me, is PHENOMENAL.) because if I’m searching for the perfect go-with-anything lipgloss, I just reach for this or Benefit’s Zone Out. And THAT, I must say is pretty impressive. So Too Faced says that this is ‘A super shine lip gloss collection with a natural plumping and cooling action. Twelve richly pigmented shades offer a chic range of choices for today’s glam girl.’

This statement is true-ish, in that this gloss DOES have a lovelly cooling action, and the’chic range’ part is certainly accurate as well. The shade I tried was also quite pigmented, (Plush) although I don’t know about the others. However. Using this didn’t really plump my lips at all. Now, when I bought this I didn’t see that it was supposed to, so for me this is a plus as I don’t particularly want my lips to look any plumper… however, of course, if you do want it to, then I would have to say that I saw no difference.

Also, there wasn’t a great amount of shine. This seemed like a very creamy, thick gloss which has a tiny it of stick to it so it lasts for really quite a long time. All of this means that Glamour Gloss doesn’t really have enough shine for me to justifiably call it ‘a super shine lip gloss’. I don’t really mind this, as I swatched it in the store before buying and knew what it would be like- but if you are looking for a mirror-shine gloss I would either go for something else OR pur a high shine clear gloss on top.

You may be thinking, ‘why would anyone want to buy this is it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to?’ I bought this lipgloss in the shade ‘Plush’, described as a candied coral. It’s a gorgeous color, and seems to be exactly the way it’s described- a shimmery pinky coral.

It’s ever so slightly sheer, and it gives this fantastic cooling sensation that somehow makes me think of peppermint- now, this gloss smells VERY sweet , like vanilla. Once it’s on your lips, the scent disappears, and it suddenly feels like mint!! It’s kind of counterintuitive, and VERY cool!! By the way, I LOVE  the packaging- you might not like it if you don’t like pink or rhinestones… enough said…

This gloss is $19 and is available at both Too

Faced and Sephora.It’s fairly expensive, but it’s not far off the usual Too Faced prices. BE WARNED: the swatched on the Too Faced website are nothing at all like the actual ones! At the Sephora website, they are much more accurate.


PS- another kitty picture!

Jessamy inside my hat!!

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. addicted
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 15:27:50

    wow!! what a great article!! the lip gloss sounds gorgeous..although i would like something to plump my lips..the shine would be great!

    p.s what a cute kitty!


    • aquamarine565
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 15:48:03

      thanks so much!! i love tis gloss, its the perfect color for me!! and oh i know, about the kitty, shes our foster kitten called jessamy…


  2. Kristen
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:50:45

    I think that there should be a law against your lips getting ANY plumper, Ivy! I do like the jewelled bit of this packaging… but I think I would have died if I’d known you were purchasing lip gloss that cost more than our Thanksgiving turkey!


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