Benefit Instant Brow

So my eyebrows are pretty nicely shaped with a natural arch to them. They’re a bit darker than my hair color, but they are SO SPARSE IT KILLS ME. I bought this brow pencil hoping the rectify the matter, and it does. Sort of.

This is, as usual with Benefit, expensive. It’s $20 for a pencil- relatively large, but still a pencil. I do LOVE the spoolie brush on the end because it isn’t scratchy but it definitely shapes brows beautifully. It blends the pencil’s marks pretty w

ell too. For a pencil (notoriously hard to package) this is lovely packaging as well- it’s the color of whichever shade you choose with subtle but pretty swirls.

Benefit says that ‘This is your perfect brow pencil for soft, subtle, long-wearing definition in an instant. It glides on easily and leaves a natural powder-like finish. Where you go, your brow pencil should follow!’ Now, this pencil is delightfully creamy and soft, but it somehow doesn’t smudge at all. It is, as Benefit says, ‘long-wearing.’ However, the pencil itself doesn’t last long at all. Because it’s so soft, it means that you have to sharpen it regularly, which means that it doesn’t last well at all. It also means that it gets blunt really quickly, so if you want to try to prolong its use, you end up with thewooden pencil part scraping your eyebrows. It also means that you end up with a really unnatural looking thick line…

It comes in three shades, which is what you’d expect when buying an eyebrow product (light, medium and dark). Dark is relatively new, so I ended up buying the lightest shade which it turned out is for blonde people. :P which, by the way, I’m not…

Benefit also has another brow kit, called Brow Zings, which, in my opinion, is FAR better. I have it, and although I was dumb and bought the dark shade instead of medium (it was perfectly understandable! it was underneath the medium tester!) It’s $10 more expensive ($30) but you get two mini brushes, a pair of mini tweezers, brow wax, and brow powder as well.

So I’d say, there are better products out there. This would be great, but it just doesn’t work in pencil form. If Benefit ever makes this but in a sort of palette, like Brow Zings but with the pencil but not an actual pencil (gaaah you know what i mean XD) Buy Brow Zings, but maybe give this one a miss- it’s a good enough product, I guess, but just not worth the exorbitant price.

xx Ivy

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 22:55:11

    Well, I’ll go on record saying I LOVE your existing eyebrows, but fair enough, we’re all allowed not to like things about our appearances!

    It’s funny how iconic eyebrow pencils are: they’re the traditional format. How funny that it’s not the most effective way. Well observed, Ivy!


    • aquamarine565
      Jul 18, 2010 @ 09:37:14

      i don’t think that it’s eyebrow pencils in general that are this way, this one is just too creamy for me. i like the formula, actually, but it just isnt practical :(


  2. Pinch
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 06:12:11

    Sounds silly of them to make it so soft. I guess they just want you to rebuy it more often. I’ve heard great things about the brow zings too, but I find it much more useful to just use an eyeshadow and a slanted brush. But hey, that’s just me :)


    • aquamarine565
      Jul 18, 2010 @ 09:41:36

      i agree about them wanting you to buy it more often. i find brow zings really great, because it means i dont need to lug around brushes and tweezers. For the powder part of brow zings, just using eyeshadow works perfectly well! but the part that i actually use the most is the tinted wax- but i do very often forget to bring it so the next time i do, ill definitely try what you do!!


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