The Body Shop Eye Definer

In my search for the perfect teal/turquoise eyeliner, I happened upon the Body Shop Eye Definer. Drawn in by the very reasonable price- $11- I bought one of the metallic shades, called Vibrant Emerald. Don’t be taken in by the name. It’s the perfect mixture of blue and green and silver shimmer!! It does, however, look exactly like the color on the packaging, so that is a good way to see what the color is like. I also bought the plain black Eye Definer as well. They are, sizewise, pretty much eyeliner sized- slightly shorter and thinner than your average writing pencil so this is actually really quite good value. In the UK, this is around £7.50. Compared to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, these are several dollars cheaper! Besides, there are 10 shades- including Metallics- which, for an eyeliner, is really quite good.

I am so happy with Vibrant Emerald. It applies without tugging at all, and is a very creamy, shimmery formula. It actually does last for a surprisingly long time, considering its price, but beware- if you rub your eyes at all, it will smudge off onto your fingers. I would definitely suggest using something like Benefit’s She Laq- a clear liquid that sets makeup and makes it waterproof- with this, because the color is so rich. Alternatively,you could just keep away from your eyes all day! (that might  be tricky, considering the amount of pollen floating around lately!!!!!) It’s the best blend of blue and green and teal that I’ve seen- UD’s 24/7 liners have a color called Covet, but that is just too green for me.

Now on to the Black pencil. This was just plain disappointing. The Body Shop tends to have really great products, like Vibrant Emerald, but then they come up with something like this.You have to press almost painfully hard to use this, and it drags and tugs immensely. Even after great effort, the color payoff is terrible. It seems greyish, very pale, and dirty colored- in fact, as you’ll see in the swatch, almost brown. You can hardly see it once it’s on as well. The staying power seems to be pointless, because I can hardly even see the line itself. I can’t say that all of the colors will be like this, and I do believe that they  have come up with a new eye pencil, which HOPEFULLY will be better!! But I definitely would say to steer clear of the Black pencil.

Overall, I would definitely say to test out any colors you want to buy first in the shop. You don’t want to miss such a great item like the Vibrant Emerald, but you don’t want to spend your money on something that just doesn’t work.

xx Ivy

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